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A Message From Our Board

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As we continue to embrace the exciting year of transition that lies ahead of us, we would like to share with you our mission and vision for the Pacific Region of the AAPC. Please find below a mission and vision that is filled with hope and expectation.

We look forward to continued engagement with all of your as we embark on this path. We are grateful for the foundation established by many extraordinary people over the years and we also look forward to the future with great optimism.

Mission - The mission of AAPC Pacific Region is to provide faith leaders and mental health professionals across disciplines with education and colleagueship, which promotes the importance of spiritually integrated mental health.

Vision - To be a lead voice on the value and significance of the spiritual in the healin of persons, communities and the Pacific Resion.


Your Leadership Board:

Ellen Colangelo, Jim Ewing, Kirsten Oh, Sheryll McMillan, Bill Roozeboom, Dawn Stary, Charles Wilson, and Cheryl Wilson


Dawn M. Stary
Certified Pastoral Counselor
"The only journey is the one within." ~Rainer Maria Rilke

A Tribute to the Rev. Robert Butzinger

(This is a tribute to the Rev. Robert Butzinger for his long service to the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. It was given at the 2015 Regional Conference in San Francisco. We apologize for the quality of the video, but are appreciative that Daphyne Brown was able to capture the presentation on her cell phone.)

Many of our members have long histories of service to humanity and to the AAPC

A few years ago, the Pacific Region began reorganizing in clusters and having occasional cluster meetings. I think it was at one of these that I first met Bob Butzinger. He was facilitating the meeting and ensuring that all voices were heard. With my background in group therapy, I recognized his skill at getting everyone to contribute feel included and valued.

ButzingerAward from David Pittle on Vimeo.

That led to other encounters. The cluster was asked, at the last minute to host the 2012 and then the 2013 regional conferences. Under Daphyne and Bob’s facilitation, we managed to pull it off with style.

I was with Bob and others at the Leesburgh, VA meeting, again I found myself admiring Bob’s leadership, but also his compassionate way of ensuring that all ideas were welcomed.

Bob is an extraordinary person. His life has been colored by many events that have made him special. Foremost, probably, is his 53 years of marriage to his amazing wife, Marianne.


  • Bob is a graduate of Princeton Seminary (And we forgive him for that), but then he wised up and went to SFTS for his doctorate in pastoral counseling.
  • He was a founding board member of Habitat for Humanity until he was succeeded by Jimmy Carter.
  • He has served AAPC as chair of two regions and in many other capacities.
  • In recent years, Bob has been focused on our role in Integrated Health Care/Integrated Spiritual Care.

My life has been enriched by encounters with many amazing people, but Bob stands as an especially bright star in that brilliant sky. For those of you who have known Bob, this is not a surprise as he has been that star for many of you as well.

Tributes like these are insufficient but they are all we have. Bob, you honor me, by allowing me to present you with this award of appreciation for all that you have done, not only for AAPC, but for humanity.

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